Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 3

Fat to Thin
I swear once I get this fat off, I am not going back to my old ways. This is killer! The sad part, these are only tiny 5 minute no sweat workouts, I can only imagine how things are going to get soon.

I have finished day three of the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge, I would like to say it was easy, but then I would be lying. I mean if I was about 100 pounds less, it may have been easy, but yea, being at my current state there was nothing easy about that! Planks and I are not real good friends at the moment, I did my best at doing the workout today, I did have to take a few breaks, but I got through it.

I would say only 67 more days left, but I don’t plan to die in 67 more days!

I know some will do this challenge then at the end of the 70 days, they will never step back on the Journey Gym, I can say this much, I am almost 34 years old, there is no going back. It’s nothing but straight forward from here on out. I cannot afford to keep a blind eye to my weight, I sure the hell am not getting any younger, and I have seen what old age can do to some.

I just have to learn how to properly eat, while I think I am not eating much, I am slowly learning it isn’t about the calories, but about what foods we put in our body and at what times.

My biggest weakness is carbs and sweets.

So day 3 of the challenge is done, in 11 more days I will be coming at ya with a video post. If I can quit smoking, I can drop this weight!

Fear is what stops you… courages is what keeps you going. -Unknown

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