Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 4

Fat to Thin

Dear Jammie,

This is your fat talking to you. Did you really think it was going to get easier? I know it was pretty easy for you to put me on, I mean think about all those pieces of cake, pizzas, soda, and random junk, you put in your mouth to create me. You don’t think I am just going to melt off, with very little work did you? Yea, I don’t like you having to carry me around either, wait what am I talking about, I love you carrying me around. However, that isn’t the point, I know how easy it was for you to put me on, I am going to make you work to get rid of me. Maybe this way, you will think before you attempt to create more of me!

Soon to be lost forever,


Yippie! I have finished day 4 of the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge! Today was a bit more of a challenge it was a 10 minute workout, but I got through it, and believe it or not I actually did ALMOST the full 10 minutes. I did have to march in place a few times maybe like 30 seconds because a few of the workouts, I couldn’t finish completely.

Tomorrow I will be pushing myself even harder. I am not letting the fat win. I am more determined then ever! I want to be able to go an do things with my family, and not feel ashamed. I want to be proud of myself, I want my daughter to be proud to be seen with me, and I know my husband loves me unconditional, but I want to give him a wife that is capable, of being more mobile.

I would love to go to Fort Pillow, and do the hike to the fort without having to stop and take a ton of breaks, because I feel as though I am going to fall over and die.

Today for day 4 I learned our bodies are supposed to be made up of 70% of WATER, want to know what my % of water is… 20%, you know what is sad about that, all I drink everyday is WATER. I drink nothing else, unless it’s milk with my cereal.

My body is so dehydrated. :(

Do you drink water daily? If not watch the video below and go get you some water, specially if you’re overweight.

Fit Tip With Kim Lyons – Water The Secrets Weapon from journey gym on Vimeo.

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