Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 6

Fat to Thin
I went to bed last night hoping, today would have been a day off. They say work out 5 days a week, and take two off. Well I was mistaken, I woke up to another email, with what was in-store for today. To be honest, I dreaded it, I honestly didn’t want to work out today. Not because I am lazy of anything, well yea I am lazy, but because I was super sore from the past 5 days.

When I go to sit on the toilet my upper legs me hurting so bad!

So I put working out until this evening. I was glad to see today was more of an upper body, so I was good to go. Lower body is what’s killing me right now.

So I drink my water get things situated, and start my workout.

We did the triceps, the biceps, the back, and some cardio to get our hearts racing.

After 10 minutes, my arms felt as though, they were going to fall off! They feel so heavy right now while I am typing. But it’s a good feeling. I feel great, and I am slowly starting to feel better about myself.

While it has only been 6 days, 6 days is a lot when you go from an almost couch potato, to making the change to change your ways.

With working from home and spending most my time on the computer finding time to move can be a challenge. I have started to put the computer down and move more, because my health is more important. Sure my bills need paid, but I will be no use to my daughter if I sit back and let the fat win.

Tomorrow is a new day, but as of today I have successfully finished day 6 of the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge!

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