Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 8

Fat to Thin

Day 8 Complete! I woke up this morning and did my weigh-in and measurements. I am not 100% positive on how much I have lost at this point. I had to switch out bathroom scales, because the one that does all the neat measures, doesn’t seem to want to do right. I can step on it one minute, and the the next it says I lost an insane amount of weight.

So, I have switched to my more dependable one, according to the scale I am using now I am down 2.2 pounds from the last recorded weight on the other scale, which was last Sunday.

Next Sunday, I will have a more accurate read, I do wish my fancy scales would do right though, because that one, does show my fat and muscle percentage.

When you’re as big as I am, those numbers are the ones that are more important to watch, those numbers help keep your mind clear and working towards the goal.

However, I woke up this morning, did all my measurements, drank me a glass of water, ate me a workout geared breakfast (mixed 3/4 cups whole grain oats, with 1 tbsp peanut butter).

After eating my preworkout/breakfast I decided it was time to tackle the workout!

Today’s workout was a bit longer, I was nervous about this one, but we did a 10 minute warm-up verse a 2 minute warm-up. While this isn’t as difficult as the workouts, your body will feel it, if you’re a bigger person. After about 2 minutes, my muscles were in the o.m.g can we stop already zone, and I was sweating my booty off.

After warming up, I went into the 10 minutes workout, I am still having a hard time doing some of these workouts, because well I am fat, and my body cannot move like the ladies on the workout videos, but guess what, I know by the end of this 70 day challenge, I will be moving just as good as those ladies!

By the end of the 70 days, you may get tired of seeing these updates, or it may encourage you to start a 70 day challenge yourself. I do hope that it encourages you.

The reason behind these updates, is so I am held accountable for my weight loss, and by keeping a daily log on the site, I cannot just “skip” a workout. It’s so important to me, and my health that I do the full 70 days, and I also hope, by doing the updates, if you’re a couch potato, you see someone just like you working to get fit and you join in.

So here is to completing day 8 of the 70 Day Journey Gym Challenge, and here is to me a day closer to my all time goal.

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