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Silk Fruit & Protein

Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After sleeping from 6 to 12 hours our body needs a way to re-energize when we first wake up. Often times breakfast is also the one meal everyone skips, due to lack of time, or because they’re just simply not a morning person.

Did you know if a child skips breakfast before school, it can have an impact on their learning? They won’t have the energy to stay focused and they will hear a lot of rumbling from their tummies. Going back to my childhood, a lot of the reasons I skipped the most important meal of the day, was simply because I wanted to sleep a little longer, by the time I woke up, I needed to hurry so I could hang out with friends before the first bell rang.

I am sure many of you moms, have children who do the same thing I did growing up. Get up on those school mornings late and dash for the door, without even thinking twice about stopping to grab a quick something from the fridge. Well moms, it’s time we did something about it, and get those fridges stocked with Silk® Fruit & Protein to help shake-up their wake-up morning routine!

With having a container of Silk® Fruit & Protein in the fridge, your child will no longer have that excuse, they don’t have time.

Silk® Fruit & Protein, it the perfect beverage to get your child’s day started. Not only is it an excellent source for calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin D, it also has 5 grams of protein, and did I mention it carries a Non-GMO project verified seal?

silk fruit & protein

Silk® Fruit & Protein, currently comes in three different flavors, Mixed Berry, Mango Peach, and Strawberry Banana.

What makes Silk® Fruit & Protein different from the other brands?

Other juices on the market don’t have protein.

Where would you find Silk® Fruit & Protein at the grocery store?

One would think Silk® Fruit & Protein could be found with the other juices, WRONG! Silk® Fruit & Protein isn’t just another juice, it’s more all-natural,  and can be found with the other plant-based-beverages.

It’s time we as parents, put higher standards on juices, most of the juices on the market are loaded with sugars, and don’t really offer much to our children.

Some ways you can include Silk® Fruit & Protein into your daily routine, is straight from the container to the glass, if you have kids on the go all the time, they can always carry it with them, or you can make a yummy smoothie using Silk® Fruit & Protein as the base.

With Silk® Fruit & Protein coming in three different flavors, chances are you will find a flavor the whole family loves.

kids love silk fruit & protein

Gillian Approves of Silk® Fruit & Protein!

Don’t trust Gillian’s approval? Snag a coupon for $1 off, so that your kids can give it their approval as well.

Use the store locator to find a store near you that sells Silk® Fruit & Protein, be sure to also follow Silk on all their media outlets.

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