10 Reasons To Get A Family Dog

This morning was like every other morning, I woke up to my cute Bones crying he had to go out and go potty. So I did what every other great pet owner would do, I rolled over and went back to bed. Bones decided he could hold it, and he climbed in bed and went right back to sleep. He has learned to wait until we get up to go outside and go potty.

I am like every other pet owner, and I to need my beauty sleep. When I woke up for the morning, I checked my email and waited for my husband to get out of bed, so he could take Bones out.

While checking my emails I ran across an inquiry for the site, this person wanted me to help them drive traffic to their site with posting an article already on their site called “10 Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Family Dog”. It’s very clear this person never bothered to look at my header, if so she would have seen we have a family dog, and chances are she would be wasting her time reaching out to me.

However, the article did get me thinking to encourage people to consider getting a family dog as a pet.

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10 Reasons to Get a Family Dog

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that when one has a pet, it helps lower the blood pressure. Just by petting or cuddling with the pet you will notice your blood pressure slowly decreasing. Dogs have away with people.

Good for Your Child’s Health

When a pet is in the home, it helps strengthen your child’s immune system. It also helps reduce the risks of your child getting asthma and allergies. Often times parents try to shield their children from germs, when they’re young children need germs to help build up their immune system. What better way to do that then having a family pet.

Teaches Responsibility

Dogs can be a big responsibility, so what better way to teach a child responsibility then letting them care for a dog, not only does this teach them responsibility, it also teaches them to love something other than themselves. Sure our children will love family, but a bond between a pet and a child is a different bond.

Reduces Anxiety

Having a dog can help reduce anxiety, when having a dog you are more likely to come out of your safe zone, because you feel protected. Dogs are great for ones mental health.

Encourages Exercise

Are you a couch potato? Being a dog owner can get you off the couch and outside! Dogs require lots of exercise, so owning a dog will encourage you to get the exercise you need. With our recommended daily steps being 10,000 this is a great way to get those steps in. When walking with your family pet you will also feel safer.

Improves Your Mood and Reduces Stress

Always in a bad mood or feeling stressed about something? Dogs can sense when their owner is having a bad day, and will often do things to help cheer up their master. Whether it be nudging its head under your hand so you pet them, or just giving you lots of kisses. Dogs are one of the best medicines for your mental health.

Great Entertainment

When you have a dog chances are you won’t have much time to be bored. Dogs love playing, and they love showing off. Dogs can be a great source of free entertainment, and if you join in with the fun, you will also be getting more awesome exercise. Do you know how many calories you can burn playing tug of war with a 70 pound dog? Yea, me either, but I know you will have fun doing it, so again this will help with your mental health. :)

They Give You Security

Dogs are great for helping one feel safe. Whether you’re home a lone at night, or go for those runs around the neighborhood, having a family dog will give you the security you need. While our family dogs will be big babies around us, when they since danger they will be ready to protect.

Unconditional Love

We all want unconditional love, some will get it in their lives, others will have to fight for it, dogs will give us that unconditional love we need. They don’t judge, and they want to please us. Dogs are very loyal, and will give you the unconditional love you need. While dogs will give you unconditional love, you to should give your dog unconditional love. Dogs have feelings too, and by giving them the love and affection they need, they will forever be loyal to you.

They Make a Great Vacuum

Drop a plate of food on the floor? No worries, with having a family dog, that mess will be cleaned up faster than you can get the vacuum cleaner out. Dogs love cleaning up the messes their owners make, and one great thing about that, is you will have no fussing over who will be cleaning up the mess of that spilled plate.

Before owning Bones, I felt the same way as the person who wrote the article “10 Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting a Family Dog”. I didn’t want the added responsibility, I didn’t want the dog poop in the yard, and I sure didn’t want the financial responsibility owning a dog would have on my family.

It wasn’t until we went to Michigan and I was around family pets, that I seen how much a dog would change our lives for the better. After coming back to Tennessee, we decided getting a dog would be just what our family needed. This is when Bones came into our lives, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Sure he can be a jerk at times, but he is our jerk, he is our baby. He’s spoiled rotten by all of us, he knows when we are depressed and he does what he does to make us smile.

If you have time for a dog, I would encourage you to get one as a family pet!

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  1. We have 3 dogs and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. My dog sleeps with me every night and he does help my anxiety when hubby works the night shift. I can’t imagine my life without at least 1 dog in it :)

    • Same here! Our dog sleeps with us too, it’s funny because sometimes he will sneak up in the middle of hubby and I, and I will wake up to him sleeping with his head on my shoulder. I couldn’t imagine my life without him, even though he can be a butthead, he is a part of the family.

  2. Pepper says:

    Our dog is 18 years old and getting pretty old, but I think that we may take a break from a new dog after he leaves us. It may be hard with two boys in the house.

    • Jammie says:

      I agree having a dog isn’t for everyone, and if Bones was to leave us, I don’t think we would get another one soon. But we would eventually bring another one back into the home.

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