2013 Extreme Power Tool Wish List


For us guys, there’s nothing handier than having the right tools for jobs around the house. A good socket set and power drill are must haves for me, but there are also more extreme tools that would help me make the impossible become reality around the home. This is my 2013 extreme power tool wish list.

Automobile Lift

Imagine how easy it would be to work on the family vehicles with your very own auto lift. Being able to lift the car just like a mechanic would make it easier to do a lot of auto repairs. Besides routine oil changes, I’d use the car lift during fuel filter replacements, brake jobs and a variety of other repairs.

My Own Personal Crane

I most certainly don’t own a yacht, but I could still find a lot of uses for a davit crane around here. With the power to load heavy cargo loads onto large marine vessels, a davit crane would make an excellent cherry picker. It would also come in handy moving heavy outdoor items from place to place. It may seem a bit overkill, but I could find a lot of uses for a powered heavy lifting device.

Hydraulic Front End Loader

Another extreme power tool I’d like to have is a hydraulic front end loader. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a construction sized loader, but a large lawn tractor equipped with a loader would make landscaping jobs a whole lot easier. I could also use it for pool installations, leveling areas of our property and countless other things.

Every man has a list of outrageous power tools and gadgets he’d love to have, and this one is mine. If you live in a densely populated area, these tools might seem like a bit much, but I live in the country. Around here, a front end loader, automobile lift and davit crane would help make a lot of big jobs a breeze.

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