Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 11

Fat to Thin

Whew, I made it through day 11 of the Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge! I have to say today has been the hardest workout yet, I can feel it all over, and I will admit, some of this workout I wasn’t able to complete, I did keep moving though. I tried it and did it for as long as my body would allow, then I went into walking in place to finish off the minute.

You never realize how long a minute is, until you are faced with minute long challenges.

With each workout I do, I feel my confidence level increase, at times it does take me a bit to get in workout mode, but once I start I really don’t want to finish.

I think starting week three I will do two workouts a day, do the assigned challenge, then in the evening do one of the smaller workouts we started with, this way when it’s bedtime, I will be burning lots of calories as I sleep.

In today’s email we learned about healthy snacking, usually when I find myself snacking it’s for whatever is quick and easy. So I am going to stock the fridge with good healthy snacks, that are also quick and easy such as: fresh fruits and veggies, low fat string cheese, hard boiled eggs, and low fat greek yogurt for smoothies.

I cannot believe I am already 11 days into this 70 day Journey Gym fitness challenge!

One of my biggest challenges in my journey to find the thin me, is going to be working on reducing the carbs I intake. I am such a carb lover, and I know this will be the hardest challenge, but I know in time I can slowly reduce the carbs I intake, or find away to enjoy them in a healthier way.

I can also already tell y’all, once I am done with this challenge, I will be doing it again!


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