Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 13

Fat to Thin

Today was the first day out of the 70 day fitness challenge, that I completed within an hour of getting out of bed. I woke up and it was cold and rainy outside, what better way to warm up than to complete day 13 of the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge.

Everyone was sleeping so I logged onto the computer and was so excited to see this workout was a beginner one! Got my body warmed up with the 2 minute warm up, then proceeded to the 10 minute workout that was in store for me. This warmed my body up very nicely, I was sweating and wanting the door open, so the fresh air could come in.

One thing I love about the 70 day challenge is the daily emails, I also love that I go at my speed, and I am not being pushed to do things I cannot do. This makes the challenge that much easier, knowing that the folks at Journey Gym don’t expect me to be able to do everything they do, and in the same amount of time as they do.

I did learn today though, that when I do jumping jacks on the Journey Gym, I can do more, when I do them on the floor I over do it. When the one minute jumping jack workout came up, and I see it was on the Journey Gym, I was a bit scared, I am a bigger person, and I thought for sure I would find myself on my behind. However, that wasn’t the case and I finished WOOT WOOT.

I am noticing I can move a bit better, and some of the workouts I had a hard time doing the first week, I am able to do a bit longer, and a bit on target.

Y’all ready for a video update? Only a few more days, and I will be coming to ya via video. You excited?


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