Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 15 (Vlog)

Fat to Thin

Can you believe it has been 2 weeks! Whew, is all I can say. I made it to week three with the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge, I am so excited, and as I promised this update was going to be done on video. Please excuse the nervousness in my voice, the audio for me seems to be a bit off. I wanted to get the video done ASAP so while everyone was sleeping, I decided to go outside and take the video.

In the video you will find how much weight I have lost since 4/21/2013 and how many inches!

Ps. I did about 100 takes LOL, also at the end of each week, we take our measurements.

Everyday is a Journey!

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  1. Looking Good! Great Vlog!! Boy it’s been forever since I’ve heard your lovely voice.


    Jammie Reply:

    Awe thank you Megan! I am sure the vlogs will get better as I continue on, after all I have about 4 more to do. LOL However, I am excited about the progress I have made this far, and I only had to delete and restart about 100 times, before I was finally okay with the end result.


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