Journey Gym 70 Day Challenge Day 20 & 21

Fat to Thin

Update: Email for workout 20 and 21 just came in, I will be doing workout 21 in a bit.

Yesterday I waited for the email to come in for what to do, it never came. I was going to redo the workout for day 18 because that has been my favorite. However, I ended up going to bed, I did walk almost triple what I normally walk so that is a good thing.

I went grocery shopping yesterday, and scored some really good deals. I got 16 pounds of strawberries for only 19.90! I also got some celery, cucumbers, mushrooms, bell peppers, and a lot of turkey! In our home we eat mostly turkey, and chicken. We do eat some red meat once in awhile, but not to often.

I also got some PB2 to try out, at first my husband and I was a bit iffy on it, when we got home I opened it up and gave it a shot, it’s rather good.

I have been really noticing my body change in the mirror, which is exciting, I cannot believe I am already 21 days into the 70 day Journey Gym Challenge. I cannot wait until I can get back in my clothes I was wearing before my father in law passed away. When I do it means I am that much closer to getting into the size I was before I got pregnant with my daughter 12 years ago.

One day at a time is all I can go for, one day at a time.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s Day.

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