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samples has been capturing kids artwork since 1969! How many of you remember making fun things for your mom when you were growing up? I remember making all sorts of things for my mom, I would have loved to have had a drawing put on a plate for her when I was younger.

Recently, we were sent a Prepaid Art Plate Kit, so that we could check out The kit included markers, 25 templates that we could practice on in case there was a mess up, and an envelop to mail back the art work, so that it could be placed on a plate. My daughter had fun creating her work, she made me a plate for Mother’s Day! Plate

The Prepaid Art Plate Kit is $17.99, the more plates you purchase the cheaper the plates are, this would be a great project for school kids to do whenever there’s a holiday designed for parents or grandparents.

On the back of the plates it states the plates are NOT safe for the microwave, however, you can wash them in a dishwasher. I like that it makes it perfectly clear, so that there will be no accidents.

I also like the fact that these are made here in the USA.

Personalized dishes Don’t want to make a plate? Not a problem also has other products such as tumblers, platters, mugs, and Disney plates, bowls, and cups!

One great thing about these products are you can display your children and their art work, they’re also nontoxic and BPA-Free so if you would like to use them for everyday use you can, and you won’t have to worry about getting sick.

Although, Mother’s Day is Sunday, and you won’t have time to order a make a plate kit, you can always purchase a kit now, so you have your plates ready to give those grandparents for Grandparents Day!

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