Romancing By The Fireplace

4Base  When I was growing up, the home we lived in had a fireplace. I thought this was the coolest thing around. With having a love for camping and sitting around the camp fire, this gave us a feel of being camping.

We would often get a fire going and sit around it while we had family game night, or while we had movie night. This made for many great family memories. Over the years companies have come up with ways to get the same fireplace feel without all the hassle. If you have had a fireplace in your home you may know what I am talking about, if you haven’t well having a actual fireplace comes with a lot of work, you have to make sure you have wood, you have to keep the chimney cleaned, and well when a fire first gets going there is often a lot of smoke!

Modern floor fireplaces, give one the romantic feel of the fireplace without all the hassle. Companies have found ways to make elegant fireplaces that can be ran by electric or fuel. Thus, no wood, which means no bugs, and no smoke!

To some this will be more romantic then the hassle of the fireplaces we’re use to, to others they love the crackling of the fire and will always go for the older style fireplaces for their romantic feel.

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