How to Extend Galaxy S3 Battery Life

extend galaxy s3 battery

The Galaxy S3 had a few hardware problems after its initial launch, but it has overcome these issues to gain its place as one of the top new smartphones available today. This article will show you some tips and tricks to increase Galaxy S3 battery life, and get the most from just one Galaxy S3 battery charge.

Extend Galaxy S3 Battery Life by Being A Smarter Smartphone User

Modern smartphones cache recent applications in order to provide a better user experience. The Samasung Galaxy S3 is no exception to this. The applications you use most often will use a substantial amount of battery life if they are allowed to remain in the recent application list.

After a session of using multiple applications, be sure to hold down the center “HOME” button of your Galaxy S3, and remove recent applications to increase battery life.

Galaxy S3 users should also be mindful of the application, sync and update settings of their phones. Disabling sync for high traffic services like Google+, Gmail and others will save you a tremendous amount of battery. You won’t receive notifications of new data, but you can still update emails and social media directly from their applications as needed.

The screen display of your Galaxy S3 will also play a major role in its battery life. Many users have adopted the use of the automatic brightness adjustment feature, but this is not the ideal choice for the best battery life. Try turning the brightness all the way down while indoors, and manually adjusting it during outdoor use. The Galaxy S3 interface places brightness controls in the drop down notification area to make this easy for users to do.

Increase Galaxy S3 Battery Life by Disabling or Removing Bloatware

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 interface and services are quite conservative compared to other Android systems, but carrier bloatware and applications can heavily impact the battery drain of your Galaxy smartphone.

Without root privileges, you cannot remove these programs, but you can disable them. It’s not advisable to remove or disable any carrier software that is used to communicate with needed services. However, software features provided by the carrier that are never used can be safely disabled or removed from the system.

Maximize Galaxy S3 Battery Life for Games and Applications

By becoming a smarter smartphone user, disabling bloatware and only using the resources you need, you can enjoy using your favorite games and applications for much longer periods of time. Apply some or all of these techniques, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Important Author Note: If you’re experiencing severe battery drain issues, then it’s likely a hardware problem related to a faulty PBA board within the phone. If your phone’s battery is draining abnormally fast, you may want to refer to this article for a hardware or software galaxy S3 battery fix.

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