How Will the Last Season of Dexter End?

The final season of Dexter is quickly approaching as fans gear up for the series’ June 30th kick-off. Proclaimed by the show’s creators as ‘the beginning of the end’, the last season of Dexter is sure to be one of the most thrilling seasons of the show’s entire history.

During season 7, Dexter’s sister learned of her brothers “extra-curricular” activities, and she hasn’t been able to deal with the burden of it. She saved Dexter from going to jail by shooting Laguertta, and season 8 will depict Deborah’s continued struggle to deal with what she did.

Highlights of the season 8 trailer gives fans a glimpse of the things to expect during the last season of Dexter, but how will Dexter end? Will Dexter go to jail? Will his sister inevitably protect Dexter like before, or will she become his biggest nemesis yet?

Dexter will definitely have a lot of challenges to overcome in light of his sister’s inability to cope with the world he’s opened her eyes too. Furthermore, he will have to stay one step ahead of an expert on the minds of serial killers.

My wife and I watch the show together every season, and we’re excited to see how the final season of Dexter will unfold. All good things must come to an end, and we believe the last season will be one of the most interesting to date. Please tell us how you think the last season of Dexter will end by commenting below.

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