Lowering Cholesterol and Supporting Your Cardiovascular System

It’s no secret that high cholesterol is a leading contributor to heart disease and cardiovascular problems. Diets high in saturated fats and bad cholesterol can cause arterial plaque build up, blood clots and cardiovascular blockages. What many people do not realize is the role cholesterol plays in keeping your arteries clean and healthy. While the bad form of cholesterol (LDL) causes health risks at higher levels, HDL cholesterol actually helps keep your arteries clean and keep blood flowing more efficiently.

A healthy balance of cholesterol combined with a diet rich in omega fatty acids will support your cardiovascular system and promote a healthier heart. The mechanisms behind this is HDL’s cleansing effects on the arteries. It’s a common misconception that cholesterol is a fat like substance. In fact, cholesterol is more similar to an alcohol and is produced by your liver in different forms depending on your diet. Cholesterol is actually one of your body’s own healing substances. When a problem in your cardiovascular system occurs, cholesterol in your bloodstream acts to cleanse and promote healing when it is properly balanced. HDL and LDL are both needed by the body, but elevated levels of LDL will contribute to arterial plaque and blockages when left unchecked. Raising HDL levels and maintaining a healthy balance of good and bad cholesterol will provide the support your cardiovascular system needs.

Diet isn’t the only focal point in maintaining cardiovascular health however. Regular exercise stimulates new growth of subsidiary veins that provide additional oxygen to all your body’s tissues. A diet rich in omega fatty acids, good cholesterol and regular exercise is a great recipe for great cardiovascular health.

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