Rank Changes Are Unsettling for Everyone

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Nothing is more controversial than the BCS college football rankings. No one can ever agree who should be number 1. If a team that beats another team that had beaten a third team that is ranked higher than the first team, everyone questions the ranking. It is quite confusing. When Google released news about its new ranking system roll out, people everywhere acted like the apocalypse was upon them. Years of search engine optimization (SEO) efforts could have gone down the drain. Fortunately, this SEO shakeup is good for everyone, and while it may create OrangeSoda rank changes, it should also deliver the best experience for web users. SEO companies will adapt to deliver better articles and a higher quality product.

Boys and Their Ranks

College football and SEO aren’t the only places that rankings might cause a stir. When Forbes released its rankings of billionaires, one Saudi Prince decided to sue because he was not ranked high enough on the list. The Forbes list has no practical meaning to anyone. It does not grant or diminish wealth. All it does is rank people on how much money they have accumulated. However, the ranking is important enough for this prince to sue over his supposedly low ranking. He is a billionaire – with a “b” – and he is concerned with his ranking. Can you say “overcompensation,” boys and girls? I knew you could.

Thinning the Ranks

It might be nice to know where you stand in any given area, but ranking really doesn’t change anything in most areas of life. The exceptions to this are the military and in SEO. Other than that, the only thing you can do is the best that you can do. If you don’t get ranked in the place that you expect, there really isn’t anything you can do to change that, except get out. When Jack Welch took over GE, he insisted that the divisions of the company be ranked 1 or 2 in their niches or he would close them down. With OrangeSoda rank changes, you can expect your company to go up the rankings of the most popular search engines.

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