Streaming Entertainment Could Replace Conventional Television in the Future

Competition from streaming services, economic hurdles and contract disputes may lead to the end of TV as we know it. With the rise of services like Netflix, Hulu and others, cable and satellite TV providers are slowly becoming obsolete. The approaching changes in how most people watch programming are hurting television providers more than many would realize.

Programmers are forcing television providers and customers to buy packaged channels in order to maximize profits, but streaming services allow users to pick exactly what they want to watch. Some television providers have also been under heavy scrutiny from investigative officials for their practices.

Streaming is on the rise, and this means bad things for companies like Dish Network, DirecTV, Comcast and others. The wired world has mad entertainment available to consumers in many new ways. Unlike scheduled broadcasting, users can choose from a wide variety of programs and movies and watch them when they choose to do so. This variety of choices and convenient watching ability could mean the end of cable and satellite TV sooner than expected,

Investigations held this year have looked into several unethical and illegal business practiced by several of these companies. Forcing packaged media and showing bandwidth preference over particular streaming services are the highlights of the investigations. Although the ethical practices of these companies should be examined and resolved, the process will likely mean more problems for consumers. It will be a long road to achieving equal opportunity and ethical entertainment practices. Even though we may inevitably lose services we’ve grown familiar with, free and independent enterprise will flourish as a result of hardships and losses.

Free choice entertainment is on the way. Even if you’re afraid of change, they aren’t always for the worst. Streaming movies and shows may lay the foundation for free choice to become a standard for the entire entertainment industry in the future.

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