Summary of the BlackBerry Z10

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

My time with the BlackBerry z10 is nearing an end. So I thought I would do a quick summary post of everything I have done during these three months as an ambassador, and everything I have learned while exploring the BlackBerry Z10.

This has been the funniest three months I have had since being an Ambassador for Verizon. We were able to explore not only the different devices and accessories  Verizon has to offer, but we were able to do fun missions, and interact with Verizon employees in the Verizon stores. Going into the store and playing with the different sound devices, and tablets was a lot of fun, it allowed me to have a more of a hands on experience with Verizon store service.

From the time we got into the store until the time we left, there was always a Verizon employee around to help. While we were there we were approached several times to see if we needed anything. I have learned one thing that makes a company is the people they have working for them.

Now on to the BlackBerry Z10, I have to say this device has its pros and its cons. I seen more pros than cons, so let’s talk about the good parts about the device.


Keyboard – The Z10 has the best touch screen keyboard I have ever used. With the ability to learn as you type, and the quick flicking of the screen it allows me to type faster with less mistakes.

Time Shift – This has to be one of the neatest features. Time Shift mode allows you to get the best shot everytime. You will never miss a special moment again. With being a mom I know how taking pictures can be a pain, no one seems to be able to stay still, and someone always has their eyes shut. With Time Shift, you will be able to pick through a series of photos to get the ones you like the best.

Story Marker – Having to ability to place my pictures into a story with music is awesome. In the past I have done slide-shows with audio on the computer, this job was a pain, I had to make sure everything lined up. With Story Maker, all I have to do is make sure I have the pictures on the phone, and the music on the phone. Everything else is simple! Even adding in special effects.

Side-Loading – When I first discovered the fact I could side-load android apps on to the BlackBerry, I was impressed! I don’t know off hand if this is possible with any other Smartphone OS. I know when the makers of the BlackBerry Z10 added this feature they were on to something. One of the biggest complaints about the z10 when it came out was the lack of apps. So being able to side-load some of your favorite android apps makes the device that much better.

The Hub – With the Z10 there is a hub that will allow you to access all your notifications. One thing about the hub is you can also reply right there. No having to go to facebook to respond to a message, no more having to jump on twitter to respond to a tweet. Got an email, not a problem respond right from the main hub.

Work to Play – With the Z10 you can set up two different profiles, one for work and one for play. In order to do this your business would need a server, and you would connect to the server. One thing I like about this feature, is the employer has the ability an control to remove the person from the system if he or she is no longer a part of the company. So you don’t have to worry about them having your business information on their device any longer.


Battery Life – I have noticed the battery life on the BlackBerry z10 is not so good. For all that the phone is capable of doing I would love to see a bigger battery so the phone will stay charged longer. It seems I can go to bed with a fully charged phone, and wake up to it almost dead.

Apps – Again the lack of apps is a con, but BlackBerry and the developers are working to get more apps, and more apps are being added daily. I would love to see more free apps.

Over all I have been very pleased with my experience I have had with the BlackBerry Z10. If you are looking for a phone that does everything from work to play, this is the phone for you!


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