What’s Your Father’s Day LifeStory?


If you’ve ever thought about writing your own life story or someone else’s, LifeStory is a new website that offers Internet users a way to do exactly that.

The site features the life stories of celebrities, family members and loved ones that have passed away, It gives people a way to connect and share their fondest memories of the dearly departed that were special to them.

This Father’s Day, LifeStory is having a promotion to encourage sons, daughters and widows to share the life stories of their fathers and husbands that have passed away. The contest marks the launch of the LifeStory website, and they are honoring the memory of lost Fathers with a special giveaway.

From June 9th until June 23rd, LifeStory is inviting people to use their website to share the memories of Fathers that have passed away, and the top 5 LifeStory posts in honor of Fathers will be selected to win:

1 Hardback copy of the stories and photos on LifeStory

1 12 month subscription to Modern Widows Club Magazine

The prize is a $75 value, but even if you don’t win, it’s a great way to share memories of loved ones that are no longer with us. The top LifeStory entries will be chosen based on the number of comments, and photos posted on their life story in honor of a father. The contest will close on June, 23rd, but you can preserve your memories on the LifeStory website forever.

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