EDS Air Conditioning will make the indoor air quality of your place ice cold.

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Call me old fashioned but I like Mom & Pop companies. Not like, love. There’s something so amazing about people that actually remember your name and knowing that you are helping the local economy instead of shareholders and board members of a Fortune 500 company. That I am not into. And in world where companies are all about the turn-and-burn its hard to find companies that actually care. And I just don’t understand why companies don’t, especially when the best sales technique of any company is a great recommendation from a happy customer. And a happy customer that’s willing to mention you in a review is hard to find if you quickly service your customer and run out the door.

Well, we found a great Mom & Pop recently that my family definitely will be mentioning to others. It’s EDS Air Conditioning here in Palm Beach. They’ve been here for years but we somehow missed them. Wait, I wouldn’t say we missed them, but up until recently we didn’t need to replace the old air conditioning unit. Good companies get recommended and after a couple of calls to friends the name we kept hearing was EDS.

The parents gave them a call they came right out. Which is a good thing because as you can imagine you can’t go very long without having a working air conditioner in South Florida in July for very long. They went over options, came in at a great price and had everything that we needed in stock and ready to go direct from their location here in Palm Beach. They came out the day after the consultation and within a few hours the indoor air quality in our home went from feeling like the middle of the Everglades to being as cool as a Vanilla Ice concert in the mid nineties. EDS Air Conditioning is as cool as ice ice baby.

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