How Does a General Dental Physician Help?

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Oral health problems come in a variety of diseases. From gum disease to tooth decay, most oral health problems are preventable. Hiring a general dental physician is a great decision, as they will examine your teeth and gums to determine proper treatment plans. Here are some simple things your dentist will do to help reduce your risk of serious oral health problems.


During a cleaning, the dentist or the dental hygienist will focus on cleaning between the teeth. There are often food particles trapped between the teeth. These leftover food particles will cause cavities to form and lead to gum disease. A cleaning will also include cleaning around the teeth and under the gums. If you have a lot of plaque on your teeth, the dentist will use special tools to chip away at the plaque. Keeping plaque off the teeth can reduce a serious number of problems for people with common oral health concerns. Finally, a measurement of the gums is taken to see if there are any concerns related to receding gums.


When you visit the dentist, x-rays are taken to detect problems inside the teeth. If you have been suffering from tooth pain, an x-ray will clearly show the problems. The dentist can see into the root of a tooth to determine if it is infected and needs to be given root canal treatment. In extreme cases, a tooth will be extracted if it is experiencing several problems. X-rays can help a dentist check on the growth and formation of secondary teeth in young children. If a teenager will need their wisdom teeth removed, x-rays are the best way to track the progress of the teeth to determine an extraction date.


The dentist will go over each tooth to check for soft spots. These soft spots indicate the beginning of a cavity. The dentist will chart the concerns they have so they can set up a treatment plan. The treatment plan allows patients to plan for the expenses associated with the dental treatments they need. A general dental physician is your best resource for detecting and reducing your risk of oral cancer. Contact a dentist today to schedule a consultation.

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