Neat Wii Trick

The other day as my husband was vacuuming the floor, he sucked up with cord to the Wii sensor bar. This was the same day we were having our daughter’s party and the kids were going to play the Wii. I didn’t want to go purchase another one, so I got on facebook and was informed of a trick people use with candles.

‘If you take two candles or LED lights and place by the TV you can still use the wii remotes! Using candles to me is a bit unsafe, so I ordered another sensor bar. The bar however won’t be here for a few more days. My daughter was determined to play the Wii today, so she grabs the mote and starts moving it around…

Me: You’re not going to get that to work there is no sensor or light.

Her: Yes, I am I did it before…

Me: Okay whatever

Here: I just have to move it a certain way.

“the hand pops up”

Me: Hey that is working through the window!

Yup, she is playing the Wii with no sensor bar by pointing the mote at the window.

Neat trick with the Wii, if the sensor bar is not working point it at light.

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