Technology Gets a Personal Touch

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The technology explosion has resulted in a wide array of gadgets and devices. These devices each serve a valued purpose, or are integrated to perform multiple functions. The smart phone is one of these devices that can do so many different functions. Calendar, contacts, email, and web surfing are all done on a smart phone. But what really makes or breaks a technology is the software that it runs on. The best technology is useless without an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface. A really great software program cannot replace the personal touch, though. One way that companies are combining function with personalization is with online concierge services. These are personal assistant services that can be provided to a group of people, like employees, that provide assistance with daily tasks.

How Can It Help You?

A lot of people prefer to interact with a real person when it comes to certain activities. Trying to find a local business, doing an internet search for a service, or getting driving directions can be a lot easier if you have a real person assisting you. This is especially convenient when you’re driving. Being enrolled in a concierge program is great for looking things up while you’re driving because you can do it all by voice command, which means you’re free to keep your hands on the wheel and attention on the road. A lot of modern cars offer personal assistance services for a monthly or yearly fee. These services are at your disposal by just pressing a button in your car.

Compare Services

If you’re interested in finding out more about online concierge services for personal assistance, contact the companies offering services directly. Keep in mind whatever questions or concerns you have for when you speak with a representative, and don’t be afraid to voice them. Privacy is one of the main issues that people are worried about, so make sure you compare the privacy policies of the different providers. Whether or not your personal information is shared with other companies or sold to advertisers is usually the most important issue to people. If you’re interested in purchasing concierge services to offer to your employees, make sure you find a program that offers the types of services you need the most. For some businesses that could be maintaining a company-wide calendar, and for others it could be needing help with booking travel arrangements and getting driving directions. So make sure whichever service you choose has all the amenities you need, otherwise it’s not really worth the investment.

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