The Web Is the New Phone Book

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The Internet is the place to be for any business that wants to expand its horizons beyond the brick and mortar shop. A physical location is great for those businesses that need one, but a virtual location is the best bet for any business that sells anything that can be shipped either through snail mail means or over the web. Even if a business has nothing that can be ordered and shipped, a website provides visibility that is crucial to success. Every website needs a web hosting provider.


People need validation. Parking needs validation, and businesses need validation. A website can provide the validation for businesses. Most people when they hear about a new business, they will not decide to go until they see what it looks like on the web. If there is no web presence, the business may as well not exist. That concept becomes an even bigger problem when people are just surfing the web for businesses in the area. An ice cream store that might be a block away but has no website will lose business to an ice cream shop five miles away just because the smart phone or the Wi-Fi doesn’t know about the first ice cream shop.

The Information Age

Even if you are not interested in maintaining a huge web presence, you should at least have a web page that is maintained with hours and days that the business is opened. It used to be that phone books contained this information. Even if the phone book did not have hours, it had a phone number listed that allowed people to call to get information. Now all of that information needs to be on the web. Some people don’t even know what a phone book is anymore or how to use one. It is kind of funny to see the look on their faces when you hand them one and ask them to find information. It’s like showing them a card catalog at the library when you can find one. A web hosting provider will make sure that your website is up and running, you just have to provide some sort of content.

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