Vertical or Horizontal Window Blinds

When I was growing up I always wondered why my mom always had vertical blinds on the sliding glass doors. Now that I am older, have a child and pets of my own, I know all to well why mom went with the vertical blinds verse the horizontal blinds. With having two dogs that love looking out the windows, it would be a lot easier having vertical blinds.

I am almost certain that since we have some active dogs, having wooden vertical blinds, would be cheaper in the long run! We have had to replace the window blinds several times since getting our furrbabies!

If we were to have vertical blinds, then when Bones runs to look out, he wouldn’t tear them up! While it can be cute to watch him flick the blinds with his nose, it’s not so cute when part of the blind flies across the living room floor.

We have been looking into getting wooden blinds, this way the sun will not weaken them, and Bones won’t be able to tear them up so easily. Plus, I honestly like wooden blinds better than the cheap plastic ones. While I try to pinch pennies, if spending a bit more on better products that will last longer, I am all for it!

How many of you have dogs that like peeking out the windows? What are somethings you do, to help save the blinds from your furr babies? We have tried keeping Bones from the window, but he likes to know what is going on at all times!


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