How Do You Keep Your Home Safe?

You could invest in HomeLink products from that will help to keep your home safe, but there are also some practical things that you can do to up your security while you are away. If you do these things, you may even be able to prevent a break-in, so you will not need your security system at all. That is always the hope as a homeowner: You want to have a security system in place for an emergency situation, but you are really hoping that it is a system that is never going to be needed.

If you are leaving in the summer, have someone come to your house and cut your grass. If the grass is long, people often think that the house is abandoned, so they may break in without realizing it is a functioning home. In the winter, have someone come shovel your driveway and your sidewalk. You might also want to have them walk around a bit in the yard so that there is not just a layer of pristine, undisturbed snow. All of this can make your house look like it is being used, like someone is living there at the moment.

Another good tactic is to take your second car out of the garage and park it next to your house while you are gone on vacation in your first car. If you are flying, leave either one out. Make sure that you lock it so that no one breaks into it, and set the alarm. Again, this car just makes it look like someone is home. Even if you leave the lights on inside, people are going to realize that it is a ruse right away if there is not a car in the driveway for a week straight.

Lastly, remember that your mail is going to keep coming, even if you are gone. Have your neighbor come over and collect it for you, and then he can give it all back when you return. This serves two purposes. First, it makes sure that any sensitive mail that arrives – such as your bank statements or a new credit card – will not be stolen by someone who wants to steal your identity. At the same time, it makes it look like you are home because anyone who was going to break in will think, of course, that you are collecting your own mail.

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    We usually take our dogs with us, they’re to hyper for a dog sitter! They’re smaller dogs but their bark will also scare anyone away! We get people trying to sell stuff at the door and as soon as the dogs bark, by the time we get to the door to answer it the people are walking away!

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