QWERTY Keyboard Vs Touch Screen Keyboard

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Many years ago, when I was only 18 I got my first cell phone. I only did this to look cool, I remember it was a prepaid, and I paid like .50 cents a minute! I know it wasn’t very realistic, to pay so much to look cool, but hey I had to fit in. I also remember having a pager, yup I had me a beeper!

Then over the years beepers went out and newer better cell phone models came out. I of course didn’t have the fifty cent a minute cell phone for long, nor did I have a cell phone for long. It wasn’t until I was 27 when my husband and I decided to get cellphones, at the time I wasn’t into texting so we left that off the bill. However, as the months went by we both wanted to text, back then we had the wonderful number pad.


The texting on these phones were a mess! I remember it taking me a few minutes to type out a few words to be sent. I was wondering how people thought texting was so much fun when you would have to press the 1 key 3 times in order to get to the c and if you wanted a capital c you were pressing it a bunch, and heaven forbid you press to fast, because you were starting over if you passed your letter.

This got old fast, and if we were keeping the text plan on our devices, I was going to need a better way to type! So we went with the phones that had the QWERTY keyboards.

samsung cell phone

I remember my husband and I both being in awe, at how much faster we could text! Now, as the years go by and we grow, the technology also grows, and becomes more advanced.

It wasn’t long after we got the fancy QWERTY keyboard phones, that they came out with touch screen phones. However, we stuff with the QWERTY keyboard for as long as we could. Then my daughter and I got a iPod, and if you have one of these you know they have the touch screens, at first I was hating it. My fingers were trying to go faster than the screen could keep up with, and I was having to fix all my typos, this wasn’t a bit of fun.

After awhile though I got use to it, I can say I still loved the QWERTY keyboards better!

Over the years I have had so many different cell phones, some I have loved, some I have hated. With being a Verizon Ambassador, I am able to check out the latest smartphones! The last few go rounds we have been playing with the Blackberry’s. While both phones have their pros and cons, I think I like the Q10 better, because it has the QWERTY keyboard.

Yes, the keyboard takes away from the screen, however, I have always viewed the Blackberry devices as a work phone, not a phone for pleasure. So having a smaller screen is no issue.

So when it comes to my texting/typing I like the old school QWERTY keyboard, unless you have the huge screen of the Droid DNA, then the touchscreen is just fine as well!

What do you prefer, QWERTY of TouchScreen?


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