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When it comes to purchasing certain items, I have to have the name brand product. The reason being, the other products just do not hold up compared to the name brand products. For example, when it comes to dish liquid, there’s only two brands I normally purchase, and that’s Dawn and Gain. Why? Because the other products are usually to thin, and makes for using more dish liquid when washing dishes, which in return equals a waste of money.

So when I was asked if I would be interested in comparing writing and art products I had to say yes! Our go to art supply brand in this house is Crayola. Crayola, has always been the go to brand every since I was younger, mom would purchase the cheaper products, and it just never held up against Crayola.

We were sent a box of mixed brands to compare against the Prang brand.

art supplies

The items we received were markers, colored pencils, pencils, and water paints. Brands were Prang, Crayola, Cra-Z-Art, Wexford, and Ticonderoga.

Out of the products we received, the only brand I new was Crayola. Why? Because Crayola, is known for their products, and I never even thought to look or even try a different brand.

Now that we have the products the fun began. I noticed a big difference with the products, the Prang colored pencils were shaped different, which allowed a better grip. I noticed the markers were about the same. My daughter isn’t a brand snob, so when it came to the water paints, I had her compare them…

water paints

If you would look at the image above, the paint to your right hardly looks touched. While the paint to your left looks like it has been used a lot.

paints paints

When I asked my daughter which product she liked the best, she stated this one, which happened to be the Prang Washable Watercolor. When asked why she liked that paint better, her answer was “Because it works better”.

9.4 million teachers, students, and consumers agree, that Prang is a trust Brand when it comes to Art Supplies. After checking out the Prang brand it was an eye opener to me, to don’t just a product based on its brand. Why? Because if I did, I would be still purchasing nothing but Crayola, when it’s clear that there’s other products out there, that are either just as good of even better.

No more being a brand snob for me, I will test certain products and go based on which one I feel is best, not have my mind tell me the one brand will always be better, because I have found that to be untrue.

If you’re looking for art products this school season, check out the Prang products, you will be glad you did.

To find out more about Prang and Dixon Ticonderoga make sure to check out their site and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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