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Perhaps one of the hardest parts about running a business is staying organized. You might be driving to the next jobsite when you get a phone call from a potential new customer. Hurriedly scribbling down contact information and what the clients need might be acceptable for a short time, but that’s not the way to do business all the time. Something that could help you be more organized is construction software, like Maxcon software. Read on for more information on desirable features of this type of program.

Managing Customers

One thing you should look for is an effective way to manage all things related to your customers. You should be able to record information about where the customer came from or how they found you. Jobs and work orders should be connected to these customers so that you can see everything that has been done for them and charge them accurately. Decent software should also help with payroll in listing all of the work that has been done related to equipment, transportation, labor, and other costs. The program you use should be a place where you can easily input and organize those notes you hurriedly scribbled down in the car.

Customer Mapping

It’s a given that in the construction industry, there is always travel involved. Getting to and from a location, whether it’s to seek out new customers or to complete a job, involves a lot of driving and gas. A helpful program should provide information about where new sales leads can be found or where current jobsites are. Then you can send one representative to one geographic area. They won’t have to drive all over the county or sit in traffic. This saves on time and gas for your employees, and consequently, you.

Other Features

There are many other desirable features in a program for this kind of business. For example, you would want a web-based program that is accessible from anywhere so that your team can receive accurate and prompt information immediately. A calendar should be integrated to help with effective and public scheduling, so that everyone knows what other employees are doing at any given time. Look into Maxcon software for more information about construction management programs.

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