It’s the Devil!

This morning as I went through my facebook feed, I ran across a post on MyFoxMemphis. This post caught my eye, because it talks about how the Halloween parade and other celebrations had been canceled…


With having over 160 comments on this post and currently living on the Bible belt, I already new what the comments where going to say! Halloween is the Devil’s Holiday, blah blah blah. As soon as I started to read them I was correct! Here take a look at some of the comments…

Let the WORLD know ….HARVEST TIME is different from Halloween…..if I cannot go to my child’s school and celebrate CHRISTMAS….LUCIFER’S children outta not be able to celebrate the ‘DEVIL and his day….amen!

I do not let my kids celebrate Halloween. I have raised them to understand God and Jesus are the way and the only way. God-fearing Christians do not and should not celebrate secular celebrations. With that said, Halloween is beyond simply being secular. Halloween is about death. Jesus would not want His followers celebrating death. We are told to not take part in any worldly celebrations, which include Halloween. Besides, I thought we taught our children to never take candy from strangers.

That was only a few of them, as I read through them a favorite movie of mine and my husband’s popped in my head, The Water Boy!!! I kept hearing his momma talking about everything being the Devil!

If people would take the time to educate themselves instead of ASSuming things, our children might not have to miss out on fun childhood activities. If you believe Halloween is the devils holiday I really suggest you take the time to educate yourself on the origin of Halloween.

Growing up in the North, we always had some of the BEST Halloween’s and believe it or not a lot of them were at our Church. We would all make our own haunted houses with boxes, set them up in the gym at our Church and then all the little kids would come around and trick o treat at our houses.

Now that a lot of the fun activities are being driven away, some Churches are opening their trunks for the kids to come and get candy, sorry but the way our Church did all them years ago were A LOT funnier! Adults need to stop trying to take all the fun away from our children, memories cannot be made if the adults have to act as if everything is the DEVIL.

Just like Adam Sandler said in The Water Boy, SHE’S NOT THE DEVIL!

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