My Head is Spinning Thanks Hostgator

Every month I end up with a huge headache, thanks to my hosting company. The headache has nothing to do with my actual service, but the fact their system is broke, so I don’t receive invoices in the email, like I once did. Instead I have to go to their chat, and waste 45 minutes of my day in order for them to “generate” an invoice for me, and once that’s done, and I make a payment, I get another email stating payment has not been made, and I will be getting shut down soon.

This has been going on now since August, and to be honest, I am getting fed up!

Last month I was on chat with hostgator THREE times. The first was to get an invoice, once I got the invoice I paid it, then I get an email stating my hosting is past due… I get on with hostgator yet again, THEN I get one stating it’s 10 days late and will be shut off the following day, again I get on with chat. I informed the person I spoke with last month, if I didn’t receive an invoice this month, I wasn’t paying.

He assured me that hostgator new about the issue and was working to fix it, and I shouldn’t have an issue with getting my invoice. Well, when it came time for me to pay my hosting this month, I didn’t bother going to hunt down my invoice, instead I waited, and waited, and waited longer. When it was clear I wasn’t getting an invoice. I did what an honest person would do, and I went and got on chat yet again.

Same thing I hear every time, we are sorry blah blah blah, we know of the issue blah blah blah, let me look into it further blah blah blah…

It’s going on 4 months now, how much longer is really needed?

So after getting my invoice I go and pay it…


Payment was made at 11:25am CST. I decided I would do into billing to see if it showed it had been paid, because last month it should I still had to pay it…

What do you know, the invoice even though it was paid at 11:25am shows it as still needing to be paid.


And don’t get me started on my payment history…

payment history

Needless to say it is showing I haven’t made a hosting payment since August, when in fact I have. Last month it showed I made the payment, yet a few days later I received an email stating I had not, and when I went to look at the payment history it was removed. I am half tempted to start looking for a new hosting company, I am sure there is someone out there that will be on top of sending me my invoices every month, and that will want my money.

I shouldn’t have to go search for my invoice, and when I pay, I shouldn’t have to go get on with chat to make sure it gets credited to my account. Last month I spent at least 3 hours on with support, I am going to start making them pay me by the hour.

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