One Week After Starting Delgado Protocol

It has now been about a week since I started taking Delgado Protocol products to help get my hormones back on track. After taking the survey I honestly think, I have had a hormonal imbalance for a large part of my life. It didn’t help taking birth control pills for 8 years, and I will never do that to my body again.

I am currently taking EstroBlock, EstroBlock Cell Stabilizer, Stem Cell Strong, and Protein Plus. I am currently taking 4 estroblocks, 6 cell stabilizers, and a serving of the stem cell strong, and protein plus a day. The estroblock and cell stabilizer are easy to take. The other two I have a hard time because they’re NASTY. I am being honest here, I have to mix the powder with my hot food, or yogurt in order to get it down.

At the end of the month I will be adding in Testro Vida. With only taking the product for a short time, I am already starting to notice a difference in my body. My sense of smell is extremely strong! My husband was 4 rooms away with two doors shut taking a shower, and I could smell the soap! When there is scents around I smell them a lot stronger than what they really are, I am sleeping better at night.

I use to toss and turn, and whenever my husband would get out of bed, I would wake up. The past few days, I have slept so good! I have only got up to pee and crashed right back to sleep. When my husband gets up I have no clue, and stay sleeping. Once I wake up I feel refreshed and not all sleepy still.

I also feel happier and seem to have a bit more energy.

I am hoping this is what my body needs to help my husband and I conceive, so we can finally complete our family.


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  1. Debra Lee says:

    Glad to see you are sleeping and feeling better!

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