Teach Your Child to Love Reading at a Young Age

Children Books TunisiaDuring those early developmental years of a young child’s life their brain is just like a brand new sponge. Children’s minds soak up every single morsel of mental stimulation that they come into contact with. If their educational reinforcement is restricted to toys and television, their reading capabilities may suffer to the point of stagnation. A fun way to ignite a child’s desire to read and learn is to provide them with children’s books for holidays and birthday gifts.

The beautiful aspect about children’s books that make life easier for parents and their kids is that there are a wide selection of books for specific age ranges and grade levels. Picture books utilize captivating illustrations to assist in storytelling and also help children make a cognitive connection between the images and what the words that describe them mean.

Learning the alphabet and how to recognize letters and numbers are just the building blocks of reading. By providing kids with children’s books that feature animals that they may be interested in or popular animated characters that they are familiar with, the ability to read will be something they will be more enthusiastic about.

To instill a sense of pride in a child’s reading journey, consider getting them personalized childrens books as gifts. Companies such as Chronicle Books offer personalized books for young boys and girls at ChronicleBooks.com/titles/personalization. For a child to see their name or face in their new children’s book makes the act of reading and receiving a present more unforgettable and provides a personal connection to the story.

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  1. I agree that you should have children read/look at books from when they are young (infants). People rely too much on technology. I love the idea of personalizing books for kids.

    • Jammie Morey says:

      They do rely way to much on technology! We use technology to our advantage though, we do a lot of research with the homeschooling, so our daughter does a lot of her reading online. She needs more book time I think though.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I love personalized things, will have to look into those childrens books.

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