That’s A Waste of a Gift

Kids, can say some of the funniest things. The other day we decided to surprise my mother in law with an early birthday present. She was having one of those days. We went and put it in several boxes, so she would have to open several before finding the treasures. After receiving the gift she kept telling us it was the best gift ever, and it meant a lot to her. She said since it wasn’t her birthday she was going to wait until then to wear it.

Well, the 7 year old niece thought that was silly. She kept begging her Nanny to put the necklace on, and when mother in law refused, the wonderful niece said… “Well, that was a waste of a gift”

So since mother in law isn’t going to wear it until her birthday, the niece thinks it was a wasted gift! Why? Because to her, once you get a gift you are to use it, if you don’t what is the point in the gift!

I miss having a small child in the house, they can be so witty, now we are going into the teenage stages with our daughter, and out comes the attitude, the smart ass comments, and the ugh I wanna beat you child attitude from the momma!

How many of you have young kids that say some of the funniest things and how many of you have teenagers that have attitudes from hell?

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  1. Jammie Morey says:

    LOL Kids can be so hilarious. For a long time my daughter now 12 would call a futon mattress a crouton mattress!

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