The End is Near, Look Back at My Time With Verizon

I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Ambassadors program and have been provided with a wireless device and three months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

I am sad to say, it looks as if my time with Verizon is coming to an end. It has been an amazing year, I have learned so much about Verizon, about their programs, their service, their customer support, and even their devices.

Looking Back

SmartPhones – Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Verizon and test several of their different smartphones. The first being the HTC Droid Incredible 4G LTE, with never having a smartphone before my impression on this device was pretty good. I loved the Android OS and found many apps that I loved, as well as many apps that make a busy moms life easier. When my time was up with the HTC Droid Incredible, I was lucky to be asked back into the program, and was sent a Droid DNA to check out.

The Droid DNA, was the bomb! With the 5-inch screen it was easy on the eyes and made my everyday tasks easier. I loved getting on the device first thing in the morning and checking my emails, glancing at facebook and twitter, all before rolling out of bed.

When the end came on that device I was lucky enough to be invited back into the program again, this time we were sent BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10, was the first BlackBerry to be completely touchscreen. One thing I loved about this phone, is it took the best pictures out of all the other devices I tested. The picture quality was amazing, and so was the videos.

The most recent device I had the opportunity to check out was the BlackBerry Q10, this device was made to have both the touchscreen and full keyboard. The one thing BlackBerry lacked was the app selection. While they had apps, there just wasn’t the apps most people wanted in the Blackberry World and I think this had a impact on the popularity with the device.

A few things I loved about the BlackBerry devices were the keyboard, the time shift feature on the camera, and the camera itself. I personally feel if BlackBerry World, would have had some of the more popular apps such as Instagram it would have been a bigger hit with the moms. The BlackBerry is great for the business person though, with its ability to to set two different accounts, one for work and one for play.

Out of all four of the devices I was able to test, the Droid DNA is my favorite and I still use it to date.

Accessories – Over the last year, I was also able to check out some great accessories. The accessories I was able to test ranged from protection, health, and sound. During the months with the Droid DNA we were able to check out the FitBit Zip and the Otter Box. The FitBit Zip was the perfect motivator I needed to help me get moving more. I learned that I wasn’t coming close to the 10,000 steps recommended a day, however, when we went camping I learned how many miles my body was able to do in one time. The fact you can sync it via the computer or your smartphone was a plus. Another thing I liked about the FitBit Zip, is you could sync it with your Walgreens account and get rewarded for being active! With the Droid DNA being more on the slim side, the Otter Box was a blessing. This assured if there was a drop of the device, it would be protected.

During the past six months I was also able to check out the BlackBerry Mini Speaker and the Motorola Slim Power Pack 2000. The BlackBerry Mini Speaker has come in handy when out hiking. The ability to attach it to the backpack has allowed us to be hands-free while hiking up the hills. Not only does it sound awesome, it’s small in size. We have also used this handy little speaker for family gatherings, great sound without having to haul the surround sound outside.

The Motorola Slim Power Pack 2000 is a must have device. With the ability to completely charge your device and it’s small sleek size you can fit this bad boy in your pocket. One thing I loved about the Slim Power Pack 2000, is it has the ability to hook two devices at the same time. With having a love for nature, and doing a lot of hiking, the Slim Power Pack is perfect!

Service – I have had many different cellphone providers in the past, and I have friends currently with a wide range of providers. I have found out of all the services, Verizon is the most reliable. My husband and I took a trip to Alabama not long ago, and out of the other bloggers we had the best coverage and service. Not only does Verizon rock when it comes to their cell service, they also rock when it comes to their customer service.

With being a part of the Verizon Wireless Ambassador program we were given missions to complete. Some of the missions were to go into a Verizon Wireless store and check out some of the devices. Please note the workers had no idea who I was, because no one new if I was going or to what store. As soon as we walked into the door we were greeted.

We were asked if we needed help and from the time we got there until the time we left the service was outstanding!

Apps – Now let’s talk about the apps! We all know one of the best things about the smartphones is the awesome apps we can get. During my time as an Ambassador for Verizon, not only did I discover several awesome and helpful apps from the Play Store, I was also introduced to many helpful and useful apps from Verizon.

A few of them include Safely Go, Verizon Roadside Assistance, and the NFL Mobile App.

Safely go is a must have app, with 1.3 million accidents happening a year due to cellphone interference, this is one of those apps that can save you from being another statistic. If you have young kids driving, this is a must have app for them, no more having to worry if they’re texting and driving. Make sure they have the app turned on, and a message will be automatically sent back to the sender informing them, the person is currently unavailable.

The Verizon Roadside Assistance app, can be a lifesaver in itself. For as little as $3 a month, help can be available to you in as little as a few clicks of the finger. Flat tire? No problem. Run of gas? Not an issue. With a friend and they run out of gas? Again, no problem! Friends don’t let friends drive without the Verizon Roadside Assistance app!

Verizon knows how much you all love your football! Never miss a game again, with the NFL Mobile app you can get the scores, and even watch the game! Don’t forget to check out the Verizon NFL Game face app on facebook to see what your game face looks like!

game face app

Programs – Another thing I love about Verizon is the programs they have. One of their new programs is the Verizon Edge Program. The new Edge program will allow you to get a new device every 6 months! One great thing about this program, is you don’t have to pay full price upfront for the device. Instead the price of the phone is broke down into 24 monthly payments. After 6 months you can Edge Up and upgrade your device. In order to upgrade you will have to have the phone paid off at least 50%, then simply trade in your device for a new one, and start the payment system all over.

What is the purpose behind the Edge program? To allow you to get new devices on a payment basis. One thing I like about this program, is you don’t have to sign a contract. That means you’re not locked into anything.

Over All Experience – My over all experience with Verizon was a good one. I learned so much about the company, the services they have to offer, and the different specials they have going on.

While my time has come to an end with Verizon I will be following them closely, to get in on the great deals and promotions they have. Make sure to also check out the current promotion by Verizon and enter to win two tickets to a game of your choice.

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