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As an adult living day by day can be stressful. We have to worry about what seems like everything, and while we go through-out the day, we tend to keep adding more stress on to our plates. Our in this case our pockets. I was recently introduced to a company, that knows all to well about the everyday stress people carry around with them.


Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket, was designed to help people be more aware of the stress that they face daily, and hopefully to help them remove the stress from their pockets at the end of the day. While this isn’t a guaranteed method to reduce stress, it’s away to let you see how much the stress you are carrying around is weighing you down.

I don’t know about you, but if I go to bed stressed out, I don’t have a good nights rest, and when I wake up unrested, it makes for a horrible day.

Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket, come in several different themes, whether your stress is general, business, or student stress.

We were sent the general ones, I personally have more general stress than anything.


The general stress rocks come with a bag, and 10 rocks, which are the main stresses we generally have through-out the day, these stresses include, fear, anxiety, job, money, health, kids, divorce, relationships, family, and jealousy.

Thankfully, these are not all stresses for me however, some are, my everyday stresses include…


Kids, money, health, anxiety, family, and fear. While at the end of the day I try to remove these stresses from my pockets, it’s often hard. I have learned to accept the things I cannot change, and to deal with the stresses, which has made them a lot easier to handle.

I think a large part of the world deals with the same stresses I do, and a lot deal with a lot more. The rocks are a symbol of the weight we carry around by holding on to those stresses and fears. By letting go we are not saying the stress won, but saying I know I can get through this so I won’t let the stress weigh me down.

The rocks are not light so they let you know how the stress is impacting your pocket. While I cannot tell you to let everything go because everything will be okay, I can tell you to have faith, and try not to let the weight of the stress hold you down, because by doing so you’re adding more stress to your pocket.

If you know someone who is walking around with a bit to much stress and you want to show them a visual Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket would make a great gift this holiday season. You can purchase them on their site for $29.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

Make sure to follow Too Many Rocks in Your Pocket on Facebook, where they share information on how you can beat stress, instead of letting stress beat you.


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