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How many of you have thought about going into business for yourself, however, you never had the funds to get it going. You had the drive, you were passionate about doing it, but you just never had the extra money? Well, now is your time to make your dreams a reality.

Jewelry in Candles is currently offering free membership until November 24th, 2013. What does that mean, it means there’s no start up cost! One thing I love about Jewelry in Candles from a business point, is I am not obligated to keep stock on hand, I am not obligated to sell a certain amount each month, and I pay no hidden fees in order to be a part of their fast growing business.

While Jewelry in Candles has only just begun their journey, I am glad to have jumped on board when I did, don’t miss out on joining for free. To do so click here, this will tell you everything you need to know to get started. Once you have the knowledge behind you click on the sign up now and it will direct you to finish signing up.

After the 24th of November, in order to join you WILL have to purchase a start up kit. If you would like to check out the candles before you join (please note: the candle may get to you after free sign up has expired, so I advise you to sign up now, if you plan to. ) use promo code discoverjic. This code is a ONE TIME use per person, and will get you 25% off!

Did I also mention unlike all the other companies out there, that have the same point behind them, treasures in candles, Jewelry in Candles in the FIRST one that will allow you to pick your ring size, but that isn’t all, if you don’t want a ring, you can go with a necklace, or earrings, and these treasures also come in their tarts!

However, you know like those infomercials, where they go “BUT WAIT THAT’S NOT ALL”, yup, I am going to say the same thing… Some of the candles may come with a real special surprise. These are considered BONUS jewelry candles, and will have the chance to have hi-tech electronics, gift cards, and even vacations!

So what are you waiting for sign up to be a Jewelry in Candles Rep and let’s start making some extra money in time for Christmas!

PS. We will be doing our own review and a giveaway soon!

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