Sneak Peek On What’s To Come

We all like sneak peaks right? Well, I have a quick sneak peek of what is to come with in the next week or so here on The Neat Things in Life, if you follow me on facebook, or instgram then you may have a small idea of what I have in store for you all, but if not are you ready for this one?


Oh SNAP, is that a Tassimo T55, I see behind all those T Discs, that my favorite fedex man delivered to me Saturday? Why yes, Yes it is!

Can you smell the pumpkin latte yet? Come a little closer and get a good smell, because guess what? I get to also GIVE ONE AWAY! Yes, my friends within the next week or so you will see a giveaway here on The Neat Things in Life for a Tassimo T55.

How many of you have a Tassimo T55 on your Christmas list this holiday season? Well, one of you will be able to cross it off, thanks to Tassimo.

Keep a watch on facebook and twitter, because this is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!

Now excuse me while I go make me another Pumpkin Latte, did I mention these only take a few minutes to make, and have only 100 calories SCORE, and I don’t have to freeze my bootie off heading to an expensive overly priced coffee shop, and standing in those long lines.

Okay enough with all that, keep an eye out because we will be giving away a Tassimo T55 for Christmas this year in the Unlock a Perfect Cup This Holiday Season campaign and I cannot wait!

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