Started A Journal Weight Loss Is Needed

Now that Thanksgiving is a thing of the past, it’s time to get focused 100% on this weight loss. I started a journal today, I will log everything, this journal will be sitting here on the computer desk, where I spend a large part of my time. I will log when I wake, when I go to bed, when I eat, when I drink, when I workout.

I have found I see the best results when I do log everything, because it lets me see everything instead of me trying to remember what I had and how much.

I am also taking several products from the Delgado Protocol, which will help me a long my way. It will also help me get my hormone levels back in check, so my husband and I can one day hopefully conceive baby #2. I need to work on removing the bad carbs from my daily food intake. This is hard because I love carbs, and pastas and breads are my favorite. However, my health is more important then my love for those carbs. I need to educate myself, so I know what is good and what is bad.

I need to focus more on eating clean!

Since I started taking the supplements from the Delgado Protocol, I have noticed I am sleeping better, the scales as gone down, and I feel more energized. One thing that keeps me from moving more is the fact I work from home, so I spend a lot of time on the computer.

I will be working on getting up every hour or so and moving around, even if it is picking up the kettle bell and doing some swings.

2014 is the year I say good bye to this fat, and I keep it off! Who is with me? I am not waiting until New Years Eve, I am making the change NOW.

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Jammie is of Native American descent, she has family from the Ojibway/Chippewa tribe in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. She was born and raised in Michigan. She enjoys doing many things with her family. Some of those activities include geocaching, hiking, fishing, playing games together as a family, and just being silly with her daughter. Jammie is Owner of The Neat Things in Life. For more information visit on Google+.

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