Why You Should Only Buy Natural Chicken

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Most people realize that it is important to get some form of healthy protein in their daily diet. Chicken, especially chicken breast, is one of the best ways to get lean protein into your meals. However, most people don’t realize that if they are not consuming natural chicken, they may be harming their body in ways that they didn’t realize.

If possible, look for “USDA Process Verified” chicken, which has been raised in cage-free environments. This verifies that strict guidelines have been met with regard to the animals’ age, feeding practices, and other raising and processing practices.

Enjoy Nothing but the Meat

Choosing all-natural or organic chicken is one of the easiest ways to make sure you are getting nothing but the very best meat. Purchasing generic chicken that has not been verified as all-natural can affect your health in both the short and long term.

Although there are no major nutritional differences between organic and non-organic chicken, all-natural and organic chicken is still preferred because it is cleaner, fresher, and reduces the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Natural chicken also tends to contain less salt and other additives that can affect your sodium level and overall health.

No Artificial Ingredients, Antibiotics, or Steroids

Many farmers feed their chickens products that contain animal byproducts or artificial ingredients and oftentimes, give their chickens antibiotics or steroids. As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so the chickens’ diet and health can affect your own. When a farmer cares about the chickens they raise, you are more likely to enjoy a flavorful, juicy, healthy piece of meat.

Long-Term Benefits

While all-natural and organic ingredients can be more expensive in the short term, they can provide a healthier, more delicious option and can have big benefits on your health over time. If you are already purchasing organic produce, then look for organic or natural chicken during your next grocery run as well. Chicken is one of the most perishable meats, so regardless of whether you are purchasing natural chicken or not, make sure to choose meat that is not close to the “sell by” date, is plump, and has no off-putting smells.

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