Considerations for Buying Electronic Cigarettes Online

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If you are a smoker and are looking into ways to quit the habit, you’ve probably considered using vapor devices. Before you buy electronic cigarettes online, do a little research about the pros and cons of this alternative to smoking. Consider where you can use the device and how you can personalize it, as well as the cost and health facts.

The Pros

Those looking to wean off of cigarettes have found salvation in these nicotine vaporizers. Since the addiction has so much to do with the nicotine, the physical act of holding something in your hand, and putting something to your mouth, this device can satisfy your craving. Additionally, you can use these devices where cigarettes and tobacco are not allowed, since it just emits a harmless vapor. You are also not inhaling the tobacco, smoke, and other toxins that are found in cigarettes. This removes the agents that cause lung cancer, but not the agents that cause addiction.

The Cons

You’ve probably heard that there is a lot of controversy surrounding these devices. For example, the World Health Organization said that it does not consider this method to be an effective nicotine-replacement. Long-term studies have not been performed on these e-cigs since they are so new. That means there could be unknown risks you’re taking on. Additionally, many companies are marketing to young children, providing fruit and candy flavors for this audience. Furthermore, you have to consider the cost of switching your habit. The device itself costs money, as do the replacement nicotine cartridges. You also pay for the strength of nicotine you need. Many say that these costs are still significantly less than buying cigarettes.

Other Considerations

Something else you may want to consider before you buy electronic cigarettes online is that you haven’t been able to use the devices or sample the flavors before purchasing. You also don’t have an employee helping you to set up the contraption or show you how to clean it. If you already have a vaporizing unit, however, and you’re just looking for refills or new flavors, then the online market could suit you just fine.

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