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We are a family that loves our meat, whether it be chicken, beef, lamb, or even pork. Recently, my family had the opportunity to check out Burgers’ Smokehouse. The company is based out of Missouri, and offer a little something for everyone, whether you like meats, cheeses or desserts, Burgers’ Smokehouse has it all.

Burgers’ Smokehouse started in 1952, in a small little building called the ham house. The first year in business Burgers’ Smokehouse cured 1,000 hams. E. M. Burger the founder of the company took pride in his work, and in 1956 his ham house was the first federally inspected country ham plant in the nation! By this time the plant was already producing close to 5,000 hams a year, that is a lot of ham.

While the business was known for their hams, the company eventually expanded, and now while at the same location where it all started at have more than 305,545  square feet to work with, and produce other products such as bacon, sausage, turkey, ribs, and even desserts.

We were sent an 8 pound City Ham with Natural Juices to see what all the fuss was about.


As you can see it didn’t take long before we had it in the oven cooking. I personally love ham, whether is be a piece with breakfast, ham on pizza, or even a nice pot of ham and beans.

The ham has a label on it, and once you removed the label it had the instructions on how to prepare the ham.

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It’s recommended after receiving the ham you let it thaw in the fridge for 2 to 3 days. However, it also says you can place the ham in cold water for faster thawing, so that is what we did! I couldn’t want to try this ham, some of the best meats I have tried have come from different states.

Once we got the ham in the oven the aroma filled the house, all we could smell was this ham. We were glad when it was done and time to eat, I think my mouth was watering just looking at it.


It took the ham about 2 hours to fully heat up, once we hit the 1.5 hour mark we put the honey glaze on the ham that came with the ham. Once the ham was completely warmed we matched it up with some mashed potatoes, and corn and we ate dinner.


Now that the ham is gone, we’re still talking about how amazing the ham was, it was so amazing we even shared with my mother in law. This was the best ham I have personally ever had, and I have had many hams, the flavoring is hard to explain, and I am not the only one who can say that about the ham.

This was also a ham where no part went to waste, when you purchase store bought hams you have a lot of fat, this ham didn’t have much fat, so when you purchase the weight of the ham is mostly meat. Once we ate all the ham, we tossed the bone and the remaining meat into a pot of beans, then pulled the two ham bones out and the dogs got their treat.

The hams from Burgers’ Smokehouse range in price depending the size and the kind you purchase. I would love to one day taste some of their other products that they have to offer. If you have a foodie on that Christmas list this holiday season Burgers’ Smokehouse even offers different gift assortments. Or if you’re looking for that Holiday ham, Burgers’ Smokehouse is the place to go. If you’re not sure how to pick that perfect ham, make sure to check out the below video where Burgers’ Smokehouse helps make the decision easier.

Make sure to follow Burgers’ Smokehouse on their social media channels to stay up to date on any specials they maybe having.

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