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We’re a family trying to eat more on the healthy side, so when it comes to purchasing food, we stay away from the boxed meals, we have added lots of fruits and veggies to our diet, and we try to go all-natural when it comes to our meat. Recently, we had to opportunity to check out Zaycon Foods.

The first time I heard about Zaycon Foods, a friend mentioned them to me in conversation. I started looking around their website and noticed their chickens are all fresh, never frozen, they go from the farms to the truck then to you. They purchase from the best of the best, and the chickens are not full of hormones, additives, or artificial ingredients.

This sounds like the product we want, we want chicken that is not only all-natural, but also a product that isn’t going to kill the grocery budget. Have you ever taken the time to compare prices with the all-natural meats vs the ones loaded with artificial crap? I have a job for you, the next time you go into the store look at the prices, when I did this I was amazed to see the all-natural was almost ALWAYS cheaper.

Zaycon Foods, offers some of the lowest prices for their all-natural chicken. A 40 pound box of all-natural chicken breast is only $75.60 which equals $1.89 a pound! The only downside to this, is you can only get chicken from Zaycon Foods twice a year, and it isn’t available in all areas.

However, with that being said the whole ordering process was simple. We received 40 pound box of chicken to check out. Back in August, I placed the order, we have several areas for pick up so I chose my location. The pick-ups of the chicken were to take place in October. So when October rolled around I was ready to pick up my chicken.

We went to a Church, and it wasn’t what I had expected it to be. I thought we would park, go inside get the chicken go to our cars and go home. We got there about 20 minutes early, the Zaycon Foods truck was already there, we pulled up to the truck, a lady with an iPad came around to verify who we were, and how many cases we were getting. She placed a piece of plastic in the back seat of my car, went to the truck were a gentleman handed her out a box of chicken. The door of the truck was quickly closed, the chicken was placed in my car and we were off.

I expected to get frozen chicken, I never looked at the FAQ on the site where it clearly states the chicken has never been frozen.

We get home and we start getting the chicken ready for the freezer. Pull out a chicken breast and that thing is HUGE. I could tell just by looking at the chicken, it was all-natural. The look, the feel, the texture, and then when you cook the product, you can tell a big difference.

We ended up cutting the chicken breasts down, I believe we got about 4 to 6 pieces of chicken from each breasts. We placed 3 to 4 in a freezer bag and placed in the freezer. With being a family of 3 one bag would be plenty for a meal. After we were done cutting and bagging we had about 24 bags of chicken eat having 3 to 4 chicken breasts in them.

When it comes time to cook the chicken we pull it from the freezer, place it in a bowl and if we are in a hurry we will place it in the microwave.

Zaycon Foods Chicken

This particular time we were making red beans and rice. While polish sausage is ever so good, it isn’t the best for you, so we decided to go with chicken breasts.

Zaycon Foods Chicken

After the chicken was cut up, we cooked  it then added it to the red beans and rice. I have to say I think I liked this a bit more than with the sausage.


When it comes to purchasing meat, whether online or at the grocery store, I suggest going with the all-natural, even if it does cost a bit more, because in all reality you get more meat. Take all-natural chicken same size as a piece that is loaded with additives and artificial crap, cook them both, the same way, your all natural piece didn’t lose much on its size, the fake meat as I like to call it did.

If you want to score a deal on chicken breasts now is your time, Zaycon Foods currently has their chicken special going on right now, with pickup being in February. If you don’t order now, you won’t be able to get any until Fall! Also, be sure to check their website and sign up for updates. They offer other products besides chicken.

Make sure to follow Zaycon Foods on their social media channels to be up to date on any specials they maybe having, or when they will be coming to a town near you.

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