Angels Among Us Animal Rescue: Being The Angels For Animals in High Kill Shelters

I am participating in the Fenced In By Love by Dog Fence DIY 2014 awards and I nominate Angels Among Us Animal Rescue from Brighton, Tennessee.

animal rescue in tipton county tennessee Growing up I was never much of a dog person, it wasn’t until 2012 we decided to get a dog, little did I know that dog would change my life forever. In 2013, we brought in a second dog into our home, these guys are like our babies, and we are glad everyday we decided to give dogs a chance. They entertain us when we are bored, they bring a smile to our faces when we are sad, and they keep our feet warm at bedtime when it is cold.

Bones Yoday

Not long ago someone dropped a female dog off in our area, now that I have a love for dogs, I couldn’t turn her away, so we brought her into our home even though we didn’t have the room and really couldn’t afford it.


We gave her a “foster” name and started to call her Bambi, our boys fell in love with her, and so did I. However, I knew we couldn’t keep her, and it broke my heart to let her go. I started looking up rescue groups in my area, and learned that they were currently all full and searching for fosters themselves. I knew this meant we would foster Bambi, until we could find her a forever home.

After about two weeks of looking for her a forever home, she finally found a home, and my anxiety started to acted up, because deep down, I didn’t want to let her go, and everyday I hoped no-one would want her, because I wanted to keep her, and if she didn’t have a home, she had one with me!

During the time of searching for Bambi a home,  I discovered several great rescue groups in my area, one stuck out the most though, Angels Among Us Animal Rescue.

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue, was founded in July, 2011, they’re a non-profit rescue group out of Brighton, TN. The rescue is made up of both men and women who have a passion for animals, and they do whatever they can to rescue these babies from high kill shelters.


They have a no dog left behind policy, which means if they go to a shelter and pull a dog, they don’t pick and choose which ones they will take, they take all that are in the cage, they don’t discriminate. While some rescues will only take the dogs that they feel are adoptable, Angels Among Us Animal Rescue takes them all, no matter the breed, age or disabilities.

Once they have the dogs out of the shelters, they start treating them like their pets, they make sure they’re spayed and neutered, up to date on shots, micro-chipped, and if they have a sickness, they make sure the animal gets proper vet care. Angels Among Us Animal Rescue knows that vet care isn’t the only thing that these dogs need in order to find them their forever homes, they also take the time to work with the dogs on house training, crate training, and what other social issues they may have.

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue Dog of the Day

angels among us animal rescue

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue Dogs Ready For A Forever Mommy and Daddy

brighton tennessee animal rescues

I feel Angels Among Us Animal Rescue deserves to win the 2014 Fenced In By Love by Dog Fence DIY  Award, because they’re the Angels to the dogs who have been abandoned, they’re the ones that are helping save the lives of innocent dogs, and they don’t discriminate and only take the dogs they think they can find homes for, they take all the ones they can!

Angels Among Us Animal Rescue depend on donations to help as many animals as they can, if you would like to donate to them, so they can rescue more animals and see to it that they get the proper vet care and love until they find forever homes you can do so by going here. If you would like to open your home up to one of these dogs that are waiting for their new home, you can fill out an application by going here. If you would like to adopt one of these babies you can fill out an application here.

Do you know of a rescue group who goes above and beyond to help save the lives of innocent dogs?

I am participating in the Fenced In By Love by Dog Fence DIY 2014 awards and I nominate Angels Among Us Animal Rescue from Brighton, Tennessee.

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  1. Sandy Cain says:

    This post really touched my heart. When I lived in Nevada, my roommates and I fostered/trained a total of 16 dogs (not all at once!), that had been abandoned in the desert outside Las Vegas. Eventually they were all adopted into good homes. This was under the auspices of the Heaven Can Wait Sanctuary in Las Vegas.

  2. Caroline B says:

    What a wonderful post! I have three dogs myself, two are rescues and we love them soooo much. They bring so much joy in our lives and they are cheap entertainment! ;)

  3. Lorayne Gothard says:

    Great post. This is near and dear to my heart!!! All our animals are from shelters and I would have it no other way!!

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