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I have had weight problems for a large part of my life. I remember when I hit about the age of 13 the weight just started coming on, and no matter how active I was, the weight was going no where. I went through a depression state and things got out of hand.

There are many things that played a role for my continue weight gain when I became an adult. The main one was poor food choices, then the fact that I wasn’t all that active. With my weight steadily raising, my husband and I made the decision, to change our eating.

We new if we didn’t then our daughter was also going to have weight issues, and neither one of us wanted that for her. We switched from box processed foods, to whole grains, lean meats, and more fruits and veggies. We also started to add in some exercising into that mix.

However, was I a little to late, when it came to changing my lifestyle and becoming a healthier me? With still having all the struggles with my weight, after changing my food choices and including exercising into my daily life, I decided I needed to speak with my doctor about the issues I had in front of me.

With Thyroid issues in the family, I was certain this was the issue I was having. However, I had been tested several times, and everything came back normal. When I went to the doctor on Friday, we discussed this issue once again. I told her what was going on, told her how depressing it is, and we decided it was time to do blood testing again. This time around she decided she was going to check my insulin levels.

The results finally came back and it was determined I am insulin resistance. What does that mean? I was wondering the same, so when I asked I learned that my body takes the insulin and turns it into fat, causing my belly area to be fat, and making it that much harder for me to lose weight.

I am the type of person that likes to know what issues I have, so I research them. After some research, I learned this problem accord because of me! Yes, I am the cause for my medical condition, it has been shown that those with insulin resistance are lazy not so active.  So, my laziness through-out the years, has caused me now to not be able to process the insulin in my body properly, this making it so much harder to drop the pounds.

The Doctors Solution: Put me on medication to help regulate my insulin.

My Solution: Take the medication the doctor has put me on all while continuing to be healthy, continuing to eat the way I have been eating, and continuing to exercise. Why? Because I know as long as I stay on the healthy lifestyle path, everything will pan out, and one day hopefully my insulin levels will all go back to working for me instead of against me, and I can get off the medications.

It is never to late to become healthy, however, if you don’t move away from the fast food, and the boxed meals soon, you to may have the issues I currently have. I was told by my doctor, if this issue was not detected I would have ended up with diabetes. So even though we eat right now, my lack of movement, and my poor food choices has lead to my current condition.

So now you know that in 2014 how I am staying healthy is eating right, no processed foods, limited take out, lots of greens and fruits, and only reaching for lean meats and whole grains. What are you doing to become healthy?

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  1. I am trying to eat fewer processed foods and limit the amount of “treats” I consume. I was born with a sweet tooth so its not always easy. I can’t wait till I can get my garden planted, that always helps me eat better!

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