The Best Rafting Locations in the US

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Rafting is quickly becoming one of the greatest tourist attractions around the states. It’s a bucket-list item for sure, and there’s no doubt about that. Few people let rafting experiences pass them by when given the opportunity. And luckily, there is plenty of opportunity for that here in the United States. There are several fantastic locations for rafting from Royal Gorge rafting to rafting in West Virginia. So do your research as you plan your next rafting adventure to come.

Royal Gorge Rafting

Rafting in Royal Gorge provides the best that the Colorado River has to offer. This river in particular has Trip Advisor’s vote as the second-most desirable activity in the region. Some of the highlights that other customers have experienced have included private photographers, extremely professional river guides, excellent local bars and vacation rentals, and top-notch riverside facilities. It is of little wonder why this location has such fantastic reviews.

West Virginia Rivers

Two rivers in West Virginia make this state a must-see for avid white-water rafters. The New River as well as the Gauley River merge to create one of the most thrilling white-water runs that many will experience in their lifetime. Thanks to their pleasing weather, it’s available for rafting during most parts of the year. In fact, this location has been known to attract rafters from across the entire globe.

Deschutes River, Oregon

First discovered by French explorers, the dramatic river known as Deschutes River in Oregon has quickly made a name for itself as one of the more intense white water-rafting experiences. Chalk full of chutes, this river is perfect for those who enjoy the wild side of rafting. Of noteworthy mention, the Elevator Rapids is the most thrilling section and can absolutely take the most experienced white-water rafter on a ride they’ll not soon forget.

Salmon River’s Middle Fork, ID

Idaho is typically known for its peaceful, quiet country towns and its ability to produce potatoes. Don’t be fooled by its seemingly simplistic nature. There’s a wild side to Idaho and that is known as the Salmon River’s Middle Fork. There are over three hundred rapids on this river, and they are so intense that you will need to acquire a permit to even navigate them! This absolutely demands respect, as it is not common for such measures to be taken in order to go white-water rafting. Similar to Royal Gorge rafting experiences, this river is sure to please.

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