Train your Dog With An E-Collar

One of the most modern ways to train a dog involves an e-collar. E-collars work by remote. This allows trainers to correct a dog’s behavior from a safe distance without risk of harm. Using an e-collar is simpler than other training methods but still requires all the nuance and attention of traditional dog training methods. You can click here to learn about e-collars for dogs; the following are just the basics.

E-collars are primarily used to dissuade a dog from negative behaviors. When the button is pushed it triggers a stimulation that prompts the dog to cease their current behavior. This is usually a gentle squeeze of the collar. Most serious e-collars come with variable intensity levels. This allows trainers to associate different sensations with different actions. Sometimes behaviors are okay contextually, for instance. In cases like these it is important to differentiate the dog’s experience from the stronger negative reinforcement.

It is important to always pare negative reinforcement with positive reinforcement. Simply training a dog in what not to do will not make for a happy animal. Encouraging and rewarding positive behaviors is an important component of any training regimen. Training that involves an e-collar only highlights this. Dog treats and affection are always necessary if you intend to train a dog for future companionship. Remember as well that positive reinforcement is always more effective in encouraging behavior modification.

E-collars are a useful tool in that they grant trainers a great degree of precision. The accuracy with which it allows a trainer to communicate with the dog being trained makes it an unparalleled technological advancement in the training world.

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