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We happen to be a household that loves technology. So when new gadgets and gizmos come out, we like to be able to check them out first hand, even if it means going to the stores to be able to get a feel for the new device. With mobile technology booming, there’s several different mobile operating systems. With each operating system there are also different apps one can download.

I have personally checked out iOS, Android, and Blackberry. All three operating systems have their pros and cons, some more cons than pros. What I found out with the three different operating systems, is that iOS happens to come out with apps sooner than the other two operating systems, and Blackberry is lacking in the app department.

The first mobile operating system I tried was iOS, I had purchased an ipod 4th gen, and I loved it, I think one of the things that drew me to the iOS operating system was the fact they had so many apps for games I already played on Facebook, such as Farmville, Slots Craze, and Candy Crush.

apps that can help you to play and win

The iOS operating system also has a lot of casino type apps that can help you to play and win, where as these types of games I have found on the Android operating systems you lose more than you win.

When I first tried Android, I was a bit disappointed because it didn’t have some of my favorite apps like iOS did, however, I found the apps they had ran a bit smoother, and the graphics looked a lot better. After using an Android for a short time, I was hooked. I missed the apps on iOS though, and Android did eventually get some of the apps.

However, there are still many apps on iOS that aren’t on Android, so the question is: Do you prefer Android or iOS when it comes to apps and games on your mobile device?

I prefer iOS for Facebook games and Android for non-Facebook games.

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