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The first time I ever had coffee, I was about 7 years old. I remember waking up every morning about 4am with grandma and grandpa in the summer months, and before they left to go to work, we would have a cup of coffee and breakfast. Summertimes are meant for those young kids to sleep in, but for us it meant spending as much time with out grandparents as possible.

As I got older my stomach couldn’t take the acid in the coffee no more, so I had to limit my intake. The bitterness and the acid taste of the coffee had me putting in spoonfuls of sugar and creamer to cut down on the over powering taste. However, I still loved my coffee! Coffee wasn’t used to give me a pick me up, because caffeine doesn’t have that effect on me, but away to warm my body in the morning during the cold months.

Recently, we were sent an iCoffee by Remington to check out.


The iCoffee has taken 7 years and 1,257 different prototypes to find the right mix to make the perfect pot of coffee. With its SteamBrew technology, you will have a perfect pot each time. The iCoffee is made with six hot water jets, a window so you can watch as your coffee is being brewed. It’s also programmable up to 24 hours, has a 2 hour auto shut off, and you’re also able to check out the rich coffee crema in the brew window.

If you’re like me and you’re not a fan of the crema, you can use the basket that comes with the iCoffee you catch most of the crema. As stated above we had the opportunity to check out the iCoffee first hand. With both my husband and I having a love for coffee, we had to see what all the buzz was about.


First thing was first, get this bad boy out of the box and all parts washed. After we had all the parts washed it didn’t take long for the brewer to start brewing its first pot of coffee.

Clean Brewer icoffee

As you can see from the above pictures the basket is in place to catch the crema, and the first thing ran through the coffee pot was water, to help clean it all out.

Next was getting it ready to brew, the brewing process was pretty neat, it plays a short tune before it starts and one when it has completed the brew cycle.

Coffee brewing window iCoffee brewing

I was eagerly waiting to try out this coffee, and when I did I was extremely surprised. As I said above I usually have to add a lot of sugar and cream to cut back on the bitter acid flavor of the coffee. With the new iCoffee, I can use less sugar, and at times I don’t even use creamer. The coffee is super smooth, and I am finding myself making a pot of coffee in the afternoon hours as well, because I want me some yummy goodness.

I did find one thing I didn’t like about the coffee pot though, sometimes we cannot finish a full pot in the 2 hour frame, and when the coffee pot shuts off, you cannot just turn it back on to warm the coffee. When you attempt to you get told to add water. I would loved to have the ability to turn the pot back on to warm the coffee, instead we have to warm it via the microwave.

Other than that I have no complaints, we get a nice smooth brew everytime, it isn’t hard on my stomach, I can use less sugar and cream, and it makes me wanting more through-out the day.

To see exactly how the iCoffee works watch the short video below.

The iCoffee by Remington can be purchased at Dillard’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, HSN, and other retailers such as Amazon. The price of the product may vary depending on which store you purchase from, the retail value is $169.99

One lucky reader of The Neat Things in Life, is going to have a chance to check out the iCoffee by Remington first hand. To enter follow the instructions in rafflecopter. When leaving comments be specific, and no copying your neighbor.

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  1. rich morris says:

    I like how they say the coffee is pre-steamed to evenly apply proper moisture and heat. I would like to try how less acidic it really is.

  2. Rita Sheppard says:

    The iCoffee presteams the coffee to release smooth flavor.

  3. I learned Bruce Burrows is the founder and inventor of iCoffee by Remington. I adore coffee! :-) Thank you for presenting the perfect giveway.

  4. I learned if I break my carafe they will get me a replacement as soon as possible.

  5. Susan Gustafson says:

    The iCoffee uses steam to brew the coffee and 6 water jets stir the grounds as they are brewing.

  6. I learned that “The iCoffee by Remington brewer does not contain lead or BPAs which according to published reports are suspected human carcinogens”.

  7. It has six patented SteamBrewTM hot water rotational jets

  8. iCoffee is BPA and lead free.

  9. I love that the coffee is steamed so the beans are evenly brewed!

  10. Virginia Rowell says:

    I learned that hot water rotational jets further steam, and stir your favorite coffee releasing a symphony of exquisite flavors..

  11. Jill A. Collins says:

    I learned that single cup machines force the hot water through too fast and ruin the real flavor of the coffee.

  12. I like the gold tone filtration

  13. I learned that you can buy it at Bed, Bath and Beyond, HSN and a few other retailers

  14. I like that you end up using less coffee for the same strength.

  15. Sandy Cain says:

    I learned that this gives all the rich flavor you get from a French Press, but with none of the hassles!

  16. Stephanie Ann says:

    I learned 7 years and 1,257 prototypes. iCoffee’s SteamBrew™ technology includes, six rotational hot water jets, brew-viewing window, gold-tone filtration, 12-cup fully automatic, 24-hour programmable, automatic shut-off with 2-hour keep warm, and rich coffee crèma extraction that is seen forming in the exclusive Brew Window.

  17. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I learned you can buy this at Dillards

  18. Jessica Lodge says:

    I learned that iCofffee uses the steam to open up and fully release the non-bitter, non-acidic, smooth coffee flavors.

  19. Thomas Murphy says:

    I learned iCoffee technology forgoes the dated mechanics of shower head drip coffee brewers, pressurized single-serve cups, and French Press by revolutionizing how the coffee is finessed inside the brewer.

  20. Tyler O'Leary says:

    I learned that you can use less coffee than what would be needed in a different machine, and come out with even more flavor!

  21. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I learned that the Remington name has been associated with coffee brewing since 1846 when John Remington received his patent for a coffee percolator.

  22. keely hostetter says:

    That you can clean the filter in the dishwasher. I love that it gets maximum flavor from the grounds!

  23. I learned that there is a variety of settings

  24. I learned that it takes 3 to 4 years for a coffee tree to mature. Once it matures, each tree will bear one to two pounds of coffee beans.

  25. The steam reduces the acid and makes a stronger cup so you need less coffee

  26. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like that it has six jets and shuts off in two hours. I also learned that it is sold locally.

  27. Danielle F. says:

    I learned that the iCoffee machine doesn’t contain BPAs or Lead which is important to me.

  28. Use you favorite brand of coffee, iCoffee makes any brand taste “impossibly smooth”.

  29. I learned that iCoffee is BPA and Lead free! Thanks for this giveaway by the way.

  30. Green Butterfly says:

    I learned that iCoffee releases more flavor from the same amount of coffee and allows you to use less coffee to achieve the same strong taste.

  31. I learned that you can use less coffee for the same great bold taste so you save money on coffee over time.

  32. Austin Baroudi says:

    I learned that there have been 1,257 prototypes!

  33. Sarah Harding says:

    I learned that it has six rotational hot water jets.

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